Matthew’s Springbok Hike

After a long 11 hour trip we finally arrived at Whispering Waves our home for the night. The next morning we were up early, we packed up and went to the Enviro Center where Bryan(who looks after the trail) gave us an overview of our hike and showed us some cool whale bones.

We then set out for our adventure! Since the Enviro Center isn’t next to the sea we walked through a bushy area picking up rubbish along the way, the amount of rusted barbed wire just left in the grass was appalling. After throwing away our rubbish at Whispering Waves, we briefly saw the sea before heading back into the brush. As we keep pushing through, we broke through the greenery to a beautiful view and took a break. We reached the Morgan Bay river which looked shallow but we learnt the hard way that looks can be deceiving and rather to take your boots off then risk them getting wet! We then went over a couple of hills and all of us were filled with new energy as our hikers hut was in sight! After a wonderful steak pasta and a movie we went to bed.

Once again up early we discovered that hot chocolate flavoured oats is not that bad. We then headed off and came to our first river crossing where we found that the water is freezing and one of the survival bags had some small holes… Next we hiked on Marsh Strand and since it is a beach it made hiking slow and uncomfortable but we powered through. Then we arrived at Haga Haga, the view was stunning! After taking as many photos as we could we watched Grown Up 2 which was and will be quoted countless times. Then we hit the hay.

​We started off the next morning with a good pace over the rocks but then I realise I’ve lost one of my river crossing shoes… I then back tracked but still couldn’t find it(needless to say I didn’t skip leg day) By now we had 2 black bags and 1 half full of Litter. The going got slower as we were walking on rocks. Then we reach 9km beach, the stretch everyone had been dreading after yesterday’s experience… We had been pushing the whole way because we had 2 river crossings today and we needed to get them at the right time. Only to find out that the supposed rivers weren’t open yet to the sea. After a brief lunch we continued and Nick came up with the theory: Weight Problem – Where even if one eats their snacks or drinks their water, the total weight of the person and the bag doesn’t change but the location of the weight does… After such profound thinking and the sun beating down, we took a quick stop and Matthew ended up falling asleep. We kept going and finally arrived in Cintsa East and the first thing we did after dropping off our pack is have a burger at the Barefoot Café.

by Luke A.

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