Ruben’s camp (by Tristan)

In 2021 I attended Ruben’s camp. Ruben is a fellow PL at the Irene Scouts. I joined Liam, Anthony, Ethan and Andzani under the supervision of Canberra for the weekend.

On the first day of the camp, Friday afternoon, I went to the Scout Hall and set up camp. We made a potjie with the kudu meat that Ruben supplied for us from his hunting trip. We carried out the axemanship badge for the new recruits.

Saturday morning we did a fitness session for half an hour. We built some tripods to hang our wet sleeping bags so that they could dry. After preparing breakfast, we set out for our hike to the Lyttleton Scout Hall. It was a 6 hour hike. The pitstop at McDonalds was a welcome break! We had boerewors rolls for dinner. After dinner, Liam, Anthony and I built a gateway with 5m long poles. Anthony, Liam, Ruben and I went to the local store to buy Switch.

Sunday morning we disassembled our campsite. We prepared breakfast over the fire. We made sure that we left the Scout Hall the way we found it, as is expected of any scout.

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